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Saturday, May 22, 2010


Ah Paris, c'est tres jolie!

Looks like you had a ball Kris. Shame I'm not likely to be able to use your clever map and information any time soon ...

Happy sewing though and can't wait to see the books.

Bon week-end!

There are certain adorable patterns and wool available only at La Droguerie, so I dream of visiting it one day, thank you for all the other gorgeous places too!

Fabulous post Kristine, I'm off to Paris in July, so I'm printing out the map and post for my craft shopping day.

Oh I am struggling to contain my jealousy. As if a trip to Paris isn't enough - a crafty tour - oh sigh....am enjoying your tour though.

Oh you've stopped by some of my old favorites and introduced me to some new places. Sounds like a wonderful trip! -kb

You must have been in heaven Kris - What a great reference for people travelling to Paris.

Great post and a great great blog made with a lot of love, Kristine. BTW, do you happen to know any good craft shop, profiled in jewelry elements - wire, beads, etc? I really would like to visit, but I have no idea where to go in Paris for that...

Oooooh PARIS!! My favourite city! Wishing I could follow this craft trail, but have passed it onto my Mum who's visiting in a couple of months! Maybe she'll pick me up something?!

Hi, I enjoyed your arm chair traveler's guide to Paris, and today found this article (below). You could write about the bike hire with pics for The Age. I thought it might amuse you. Then I clicked on your blog, and found your generous post re craft shops. The other day we went to our local Turkish place for dinner, and they'd redecorated in beige, and I was telling my kids how normally colourful Turkish design is, like your pics. So, here's Paris today/yesterday. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/parc-de-triomphe-country-life-comes-to-paris-1981144.html

I NEED another trip to Paris and I NEED it NOW!!!

Wow, thank you so much. We're planning a Paris trip soon, and I'll definitely follow your route ;)

I've been to the one near the Place de Vosges, believe it or not, I found it on my wedding day! We married in Switzerland and arrived in Paris in the afternoon. We stayed on the Place de Vosges (Pavillon de la Reine), and I asked my husband if he minded if we went shopping! That was one of the first shops I found.

I also went to La Droguerie, later in the week.

Thanks for posting.

Thanks for the great tour advice. I was told there was not much in Paris re craft and embroidery. I am going for a week to Paris soon, so I am really excited now thank you again.


Just googled "craft shops in paris" and found this post! Thanks so much, I'm heading to Paris in April and wanted a few crafty spots on my itinerary, I'll be bookmarking for future reference.


Thank you for your nice comments published on the shop.
We will be delighted to welcome you to the store during your next stay in Paris.
Des Fils et Une Aiguille

Merci beacoup for your information. I am in Paris right now and have been looking for gorgeous craft shops. I am about to walk your fantastic map and load my already too full bag to bring home.

hello great information. i am from india and my business in handicraft it use ful for me .but contact number is neccessary.

Great information. The local citizen didn't know, this kind of adresses... Thanks.AnaLuiza Riedel

Thank you so much for this information. I am flying to Paris next week for work and only have a few moments to shop. I will definitely visit the shops you have profiled. Hopefully they are all still there. Thanks again ! Love your blog by the way it's beautiful.

Merci pour l'nformation et la carte! I will use it to find treasures I might never have found on my own!

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