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Wednesday, May 05, 2010



You made it! I hope you're having a wonderful time -- your pictures sure are beautiful!

jules @ The Diversion Project

merci is gorgeous! to be expected of the former owner of bonpoint - i loved everything they sold!

hope the trip goes well, jx


Oh how fabulous! I have been wanting desperately to step inside Merci.I hope you are having a lovely time !


Le Marais is my favourite part of Paris. There is a wonderful gallery there - Art Naif du Monde Entier - gorgeous!


oh heavenly! I love paris! when hubby worked there I just took it for granted but once you leave you miss it!!!

loved eating out at night in the marais!

enjoy, we'll all savour all your photos, shopping tips and itinary!


A little bit of French style on a rainy Melbourne night, such lovely photos ...


oooh, merci! so fun :)

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