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Saturday, May 08, 2010


Wow! I think I have just found how I want my herb garden to look. Would you mind if I saved this photo for my home inspiration folder?
Sounds like you are having a wonderful trip, Kris. Enjoy the rest of it!

oh oh oh the photos....are killing me! and here I am going on about my weekend in melbourne and I come over here to see such gorgeous pictures of france. Just beautiful!

I think you're making us all very jealous in blogland!

We are working on the herb garden with the pots. Can anyone tell me what is around them at the castle - is it mulch or is it rock.

looks like rocks

Does anyone know what kind of plant they used as a border in the herb garden with the pots?

Heidi, that border is made of rosemary. It's also in three of the pots. It's a perennial and it can grow quite large, so you will have to keep it trimmed if you want to have this arrangement. It's used in tons of dishes though, so you can use the clippings in your kitchen.

Do you know the type of pots used in the herb garden?

What is the material the oots are made from? _


These pics are so beautiful! I found you through Pinterest. Thank you for sharing.

Eva Suzuki

Absolutely wonderful!!

The mulch may be coco hulls. My uncle usd them &it looked similar. Smells good too.

Pecan shells would be another choice for mulch.

Corrie,the stuff around the pots might be small or crushed lava rock. I've seen both large and small lava rock. It has to be put over landscape fabric or plastic and looks nice and neat.

can anyone identify what is growing at the back of the pic- looks like it's some kind of vine on posts...

probably grapevines (leaves look too big for berries), or even espaliered fruit trees, as the trunks are rather thick.

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