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Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Congratulations Christine, I'm sure your house will be just beautiful. It was when your current home was featured in home beautiful that I came across you and your wonderful townmouse shop. Your house remains one of my favourites to date. Simple, yet classic and elegant. We sold our house last year and are still trying to decide to buy or build again. This of course makes me want to speed up the process now. I'd snap up you current house in a pinch if I lived in the city. Good luck in this new adventure.

Congratulations on your new home! What an exciting project, and how lucky you are to renovate and then move... rather than the other way around (like us)! I remember well the special viewings from the agent prior to putting our house officially on the market. Very tedious but hard to say no to, just in case. Hope yours works out painlessly.
Love your architect's web site - that house is just stunning. I seriously love that roof... amazing.

How exciting Christine. I know how long you have waited....and looked. Its gets a bit exhausting. Now begins the next chapter, equally exhausting but a lot more rewarding.

I've been watching all your delightful pins on pinterest. I'll look forward to seeing more.

Congratulations Kristine to you and your family. I know how you are feeling as we found and bought our forever home last May and moved in last November. Like yours it is the perfect home for us, has everything we wanted and more. I only need to update the kitchen (as it isn't my style, although it is beautiful). It has made us a truly happy family. Hope we get to see some progress posts on your renovations. All the best

CONGRATULATIONS Kristine! I love every single picture on your pinterest board you've selected for your new home! I'm sure it will look fantastic!
All the best!

Congratulations! How exciting for you. I hope renovations go smoothly for you, and I look forward to seeing the results. I love your pins on pinterest.
We bought our 'forever' house 2 years ago and we enjoy it so much.


Congratulations, hope we're there soon, we want to downsize as we are emptynesters so we are after space just on one level, easier said than done and we want it as our 'retirement' home.
Still looking along with the rest of Brisbane I think, oh me, oh my.

How exciting Krstine, what wonderful news. A new home with more space - I'm sure it will be perfect in no time. The children must be so excited.

Congratulations Kristine! It all sounds dreamy! No wonder you have been silent in the blog!
Enjoy the preparations, the designing and try and keep a good supply of patience at hand when you start on the renovating.

hi Kristine long time no speak!

What great news. The new house sounds divine. Same area? I know you will have no problems selling your house - it's divine. It will be fantastic for you to have that extra space.

We are going to need it also in a few years - we have spoken to an architect about going up into our roofspace - very $$$ and complicated for our house.

So we have done nothing.

Am pleased to hear all is going so well.. xoxo

Congratulations Kristine. Very exciting. I will keep my ears open of anyone looking to buy over your way!!

Thanks for sharing those really good news Christine! I also want to congratulate you and your family for having finally found your dreamy house! It looks like you all have plenty of space and light there. Wonderful! I wish you a lot of fun by renovating and decorating it! I love your pins on Pinterest too. A great help for the architect, I think. All the best for the near future! Mónica

Congratulations Kristine - Would buy your house in a heartbeat if I lived in Melbourne! Jacqueline

Congrats and what a fabulous excuse for being too busy to blog!! From reading over the past few years I know this has been a long time coming and am so happy you will be able to make it your own BEFORE moving in! Wishing you happy renovating and can't wait to see little peeps of your new home. X

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