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Sunday, June 23, 2013


What a gorgeous quilt...beautifully quilted and lovely colours!!

Just beautiful Kristine.

It is gorgeous Kristine, I love the elegance of the colours & the design. I wish I had the patience to quilt, I would make one like this. Enjoy the snow, it has certainly been cold here in Sydney the last few days, good omen for the ski fields.

It's absolutely beautiful! Very tranquil colors.

Beautiful quilt Kristine! I'm a little partial to grey hues myself but all of my quilts lately have been explosions of colour!

Sophie xo

well done.. hand quilted? wow :)

Wow -- it's gorgeous Kristine! It's so nice to see a hand-quilted quilt!

Its exquisite Kristine. goes so well with your furnishings. Happy skiing!

It is beautiful. I love the pattern, colours and the hand quilting.

I would love to make a similar quilt to our family room - it's so beautiful and serene (and the hand quilting is beyond perfection).

it's absolutely beautiful, Christine, as is Lucy!
I love grey too ...

Happy skiing

Barbara :)

It is a wonderful quilt. The colors are great and it looks very cozy.

Lovely Kristine worthy of the time in hand quilting as there is so much time taken in half square triangles looks great in the grey shades.

Wunderschön... so beautiful!

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