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Friday, August 02, 2013


What a pretty pincushion, Kristine, even as exciting & hectic things are for you right now, it is nice to fit in a bit of downtown where you can. I too have found this year very hectic & I am looking forward to our annual trip to the snow next week, we have been super busy here as well & a change of scenery will be most welcome :)

What a lovely idea... I'm guilty of stabbing pins into the furniture. A mini pincushion would be far preferable. I always find the snow relaxing - the deadening of sound and that lovely way it muffles all outside noise is very calming. And a change in scenery is always relaxing from everyday routine - no wonder you find you get more done. Hope all the house plans are progressing well... I, like you, am knee deep in it all at the moment, and have put any sewing etc on hold until it is finished in a few months time. There just aren't enough hours in the day....

I like summer holiday quilting - sitting on a porch somewhere (sunscreen free!) - quilting while the kids play. It hasn't happened for a few years now....

PS. beautiful project - I remember this one

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