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Friday, September 13, 2013


So funny -- I just bought that very same cookie stamp in NYC this past weekend. Thanks for sharing your recipe - it looks delicious!

My mum has been living dairy free for over 10 years and has managed to recreate some of her favourite English recipes like mince pies, shortcrust pastry etc. using pure vegetable shortening instead of lard, etc...I'll ask her and report back!

Hi Kristine,

Thanks for sharing your family recipe. I am planning to try it this afternoon. Love your cookie stamp.
My son was diagonosed with coeliac disease a few months ago, so lots of experimenting going on here. He has been transformed by the change in diet.
Baking must be a challenge in your house. I use glucose powder (no fructose) instead of sugar alot in my baking, or bake with bananas and find I need no sugar at all. I have a great gluten free choc chip biscuit recipe which we all love in our house if you would like it (could probably substitute butter for nuttlex and glucose for sugar if it is only fructose you all can't have).
I hope your new house is progressing well. Have you had time to sew for Adelaide?


Hi Kris, Love the cookie press - I'm sure the shortbread flew off the school cake stall!

Have you seen the Quirky Cooking blog? She is gluten and dairy free and also sugar free, and does all her recipes in the Thermomix. She has a lot of good recipes (and if you haven't come across her blog before, try the Chicken and Cashews with Satay Sauce recipe - it's so good) http://quirkycooking.blogspot.com.au
There might be one in the recipe index that works for you. xx

You might try here

Lots of tasty ...free recipes.

Very sorry to hear about your delicious-ingredient-free kitchen :( These look lovely though...I'm sure a very welcome addition to the sale!

That cookie stamp is just gorgeous! I love the way you've packaged them too. Try having a look at retromummy.com as she has lots of dairy free (and maybe gluten free) recipes on her lovely blog...

I'd love to know where she got the stamp...

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