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Sunday, October 27, 2013


Nice to see you again Kristine, & how grown up does Adelaide look, where does the time go?! Love the design, so pretty & the fabric, so delicately pretty. Thankfully, my boys are still happy to wear what I buy them, so for now they look so handsome in their preppy clothes, but I know the surf gear is just around the corner, at least for Luke who next year starts yr 3 at a new prep school, so may be more influenced by his new friends! Hope all is well with your family & the house plans.

What a beautiful design and I love the Liberty. Adelaide is gorgeous and looking so grown up.


Gorgeous! Your fabric selection is wonderful for the pattern as well.

I think we all have our synthetic fairy dress and track suit moments! :)

It is absolutely gorgeous...what a little doll she is too.

Beautiful! I love the sleeves on that top.

Really lovely fabric! Adelaide looks really grown up and even more beautiful with her dress!

Ah the synthetic fairy dress - no natural fibres killed in the making of those and yet so beloved of little girls everywhere! Adelaide is growing up fast. My Adelaide turned 15 yesterday (along with her twin sister of course). Where have the years gone???? The top is lovely and unlike synthetic fairy dresses your clothes last forever. The dresses that Adelaide and Isabella wore and that were passed on to Cordelia (plus her dresses as well) have now been passed down to Cordelia's godmother and her daughter looks divine in them too. Adelaide is a lucky miss to have such a clever mummy. Kind regards

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