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Fabric yumminess

My friend Jen dropped round this morning and I was able to give her her birthday present.  Happy Birthday Jen!


Jen makes great quilts for her children’s shop in fabulous Yarraville so as well as this thoroughly readable book I gave her a bundle of yummy fabric scraps.  Parting with fabric is fun when I know it’s going to a good home.  I unearthed lots of fabrics that I had forgotten I owned when I went through my very messy scrap box the other day.  Now it’s all sorted and it’s hard to believe that all that fabric, when folded, takes up about a third of the space it once did.




Just found your blog via Megan, hers is one of my favourites. You have such a gorgeous style. I love my fabric all folded and looking beautiful like that too.

Miss Marzie

Hi there Kristine - just found your blog too. Have you read the book you gave Jen for her birthday? I notice it is another book by the author of the Kite Runner. (one of my favourites). Glad I found your blog - just gorgeous, like all you do.


Hi Cathy,
Yes, I just finished the book last night and it was fantastic. I couldn't put it down. It was as good as Kite Runner.

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