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I digress

Why is it that when I'm at my busiest I find things to distract me?  I was just putting some linen away and came across this quilt top.


I often find I'm attracted to fabrics on the bolt, or like the concept of a quilt, when in actual fact it's not really me.  This quilt is not really me.  I'm more of a blue girl (which you can probably see from this blog and my website). 

Quilt_blocks_2I do like red - but it has to be a blue red.  I love red shoes!  And I can wear orange, a complementary colour to blue eyes.  In fact I'm particularly passionate about a certain orange.  But this quilt overall is just not me.  Which probably explains why it's still just a top.

Having said that, the blocks are easy to run up, and I like the illusion of a ribbon running through the different colours.

Here, you can see it better on this quilt, which is the one that inspired me.  It's in this book.




Your website and clothing is divine !

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