The perfect breakfast

I love breakfast.  It's my favourite meal of the day.  Strong Russian Caravan tea and toast.  The best thing about breakfast today is no Playschool in the background, no little voices asking for food - I have the house to myself.


I'm happy as can be catching up on some favourite blogs at the kitchen bench before I head into the studio.  It's great to be back to school term time and have some balance back to life - some me time/crafting time during the day to keep me sane.


Tom turns 6 today.  He happily went to school juggling a big box of chocolate crackles (formerly known as fwoklat fwackles) to share with his classmates.



Those choccie crackles look fabulous and so does your young man in his very smart uniform. Love the Fwarfs also!


I am so glad that there are other people who eat breakfast at 9.30am too! I thought it was just me!


Your house and child are looking immaculate - I'm impressed! Big Happy Birthday to Tom and looking forward to our birthday outing tomorrow.


I'm hearing you. This is the first year that I've had a child free day and I'm loving it.

Happy Birthday to Tom, he looks so handsome in his uniform!


aww, happy birthday, tom! (great name, of course). love that grin. what a sweetie.


Hi there...

I dont eat breakfast...and yes i know....but I can certainly understand that being alone thing...having Seth in the studio all day is nise but a bit frustrating sometimes. Today he is at home with a runny nose. My mother will come and take care of him leawing me with 8 hours alone in the studio. Sad for the little one .... But i am still looking forward to concentrated work....

And happy birthday tom...I could absolutely eat one of those crackles even for breakfast

Have a nise day

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