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Happy Easter everyone

A good team

We make a good team, Will and I.  We've been married 9 years today.  We're on the same page when it comes to the big issues like raising our children, values, life goals.  Being married is great.  Here we are in our back garden.  Hmm, I don't think so.  (It's the Giusti Gardens in Verona.)


Where we are polar opposites, is that I'm a planner.  Don't stress me out with a change to any plans.  Don't be spontaneous because I won't play along.  Please, just stick to the plan. 

Will couldn't be more different.  He likes open ended situations and options.  Trying to get him to book a holiday or, heaven forbid, buy a house (don't get me started on that subject) and he just can't make that final commitment.  If I ask him what he'd like for dinner he says, "surprise me".  He's brilliant at thinking on his feet and likes to keep his options open until the last possible moment.

Which brings me to the case in point.  Japan.  Plans have changed.  Am I stressed?  Well no, because after 15 years together I've come to expect it.  Note to self: flights are confirmed is different entirely to flights are booked.  Will has a lot going on at work and doesn't want to be a long way away for over a week.  He didn't relish what would be a full-on trip - long flights, young children - you can imagine.  I must confess to feeling a bit the same.  The early Easter has made work hard to get on top of.  So I have mixed feelings about the change of plan.  I'm feeling sorry for all those craft books that will have to stay on the shelves in Tokyo rather than come home and play with me.  But I'm looking forward to a much more relaxed Easter and maybe an express train from Malvern to South Yarra station rather than a bullet train to the snow.

Being the planner I am though, I have all the boys' winter wardrobes sorted, I have outfitted myself with fabulous ski pants and jacket; in fact, I won't have to go shopping for 6 months.

Now Will is in his element - options, options.  So far tonight he has tabled Coolum, NSW South Coast, hiring a campervan and just driving, Three Hummock Island.  Grrrr.  My bet is we will go to Flinders - a good fall-back plan.  Stay tuned...



Wow! I'm just so excited about reading the next holiday installment to find out where you will be off to - even if it's home! Oh the dreaming.


Happy anniversary! Planning the holiday is the best bit anyhow. This way, you get it twice!


Oh No! Will strikes again.


Happy Anniversay, our Anniversary is the same day. Only we have only been married 8 years this year. Hope you had a wonderful day.


very interesting blog and happy anniversary too, will be back soon, cheers :)


Happy Anniversary!! Have a wonderful Easter no matter where you end up.


happy anniversary to you. being on the same big life issue page is so important. japan will wait for you. indeed. enjoy your easter!


Oh no! I hope the kids aren't too disappointed. At least you can enjoy one last hurrah before summer has left us. There will be plenty of time for new winter coats.


aaahhhhhhhhhhh, verona.

oh. back to reality.
bummer re the trip to japan but can so relate to the hassle of organising kids for an o/s holiday. phew.
hope you enjoy your easter anyway. :)


HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Ours is on the 25th so not too far from yours. I am finally catching up on my blog reading after what feels like an eternity of crazy, busy days (am still in the middle of it all actually!) but it's so lovely to check in with you and see what you've been up to. It's a shame about Japan, but I believe that things happen for a reason, and I hope you've found a way to relax and make the most of easter a little more locally! The stitches and craft show looked wonderful and I would have loved to dropped in and checked it out, but maybe next time. Anyway, I hope you are well and I am looking forward to dropping by again soon.


PS - I can also relate to how you two are "opposites" in your relationship. My husband is just like you and has to have everything planned and organised, and I am the "GO WITH THE FLOW, see what happens" one! Somehow it just balances out in the end doesn't it?!


first up congrats on 9 years! wow! we're at 4 this year and time flies when you're having fun

what a shame on japan...hubby is working out his expenses tonight and we're tossing up going but you probably don't want to hear that!



Happy Anniversary!

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