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Thinking winter

I'm trying to think cold as I struggle with the heat.  A cool change is promised for today, but not before it reaches 32 celsius (90F).

On my list of tasks for the day is to make 3 winter coats for the boys to take to Japan.  I just can't get motivated to pull out the heavy coat fabrics - as lovely as they are.


This is my yummy, slubby, tweedy coat that I'm currently having a love affair with.  I can't wait to get some more wear out of this favourite piece.  It has an asymmetrical collar and cuffed sleeves, so a bit of a departure from my usual conservative style.  The fabric is a lovely mix of chocolate, grey and taupe - all my favourite winter colours that I seem to live in during the colder months.


I'm clomping around the studio in these today.  I figured it was better to wear them in at home, than on the streets of Tokyo.



gorgeous jacket - gorgeous!


Lovely Jacket and lovely shoes - I love winter, now just need to make time to make some lovely things to wear!!!


oooh, I love those shoes!


Fabulous coat and shoes! Hope you have a great time in Japan - am very envious....


it's always funny to read a post like this from the other side of the world...we are hanging on to our nerves here as spring keeps temping us...then we freeze up and there's more snow again.

i would sure love to wrap myself in your yummy, slubby coat right now...sigh...

Paper Dolls for Boys

Wow - that jacket is so perfect. I'm slow, so help me out - did you make that?

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