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Will returned from his trip on the weekend.  On Saturday he said to me, "It's migrating".  By that he meant that my sewing mess had migrated beyond the studio and was spreading through the house.


Here's a little pile of new stock on one of our dining chairs.  I've since checked each garment and sorted it by size into the drawers of my comptoir.

I'm having a big tidy-up because I'll be opening the studio over the coming weeks so customers can see my new range.  The new range finally went onto the website last night.  Loading all the new content is time consuming.  Each new product has 5 images associated with it, needs to link to related products and the correct fabrics.  There's a lot of information to get right, so it takes me a few days to iron out the glitches and pick up on the errors.

Can you help me?  If you see any errors on the website, drop me an email.  Include your postal address so I can send you a thank you in the way of fabric.  Perhaps the fabric can migrate further than our dining room and into your fabric stash.  I've got lots of Liberty pieces - far too many for me to use, so you'd be helping me out in more ways than one.



too funny. my fabric migrates, too. i'm trying to figure out a way to prevent it. luckily h-kun is usually quite patient. and i love your new range. just perfect!


I'm always up for some Liberty. But I'm happy to report, no glitches that I can see. All the links seems to be working. Love, the new pieces, especially the winter top and the cord box pleat skirt.


your new range is beautiful - I just love all the girls range (and of course the boys) The fabrics you have chosen are just beautiful as always. Just wish something of yours would fit my boys. I couldn't find any glitches - all the links seem to work well. thanks for the info on the gocco too. those tops look wonderful.


i've never been so eager to find an error on a website before : )


I am besotted with this blog.The images are particularly inspiring.The neat piles of migratory items is what I dream of mess to look like !!


I didn't run into any problems browsing through your website. The winter range is lovely, especially the red coat. I wish it came in my size.


I used to work in web management and content and also as a designer in publications - proof reading & checking links & content is second nature to me. I'll have a look at your site and let you know...I'd love some of that fabric!


What a wonderful idea putting it our to your readers to find the mistakes. It becomes so hard to see them when you are deep in the midst of it all.

Fancy having to much liberty to be able to use. Do you realise how lucky you are?

The new range looks great and your models are gorgeous.


Oh, I just found you via Alex's Moonstitches. I had to find out who was so generous as to offer some Liberty! I am over the moon! What a beautiful line you have! Everything is so lovely right down to the smallest detail! I adore Liberty and have begun to use it on my matryoshka dolls. I would swoon if you would like to swap some Liberty fabrics for one of my creations!

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