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Getting to know my Gocco

For the past six months I've been experimenting with a gocco.  I haven't shared much of it here on the blog because I've probably had more misses than hits.  As I've been pulling my winter range together though, I feel like I've been finding my gocco voice, so to speak.  With all the experimenting, I've worked out what I like and don't like and the sort of results that feel like me. 


What I do like is white ink printed onto colours - it somehow seems more subtle.  And I also love the detail you can get from the screens.  I love using the super-fine pen and creating really fine detail to the design.  The fine check seems more interesting than say a solid white.


So I've been taking a few of my applique shapes, like this car, and turning them into screen prints.  This one will go with a little winter scarf I've put into the range.


Next I want to turn a few of the digger applique's from Max's quilt into screen prints.  Because after all, most little boys seem to love a bit of heavy machinery.



I am sooooo jealous that you have a gocco! Don't be afraid to share more with us! I'd love to see it. These are beautiful! I love the cross hatching too!


great gocco'ing. for sure. i am looking forward to your next project!


These little cars are adoreable! You are so very creative, but at the risk of sounding stupid what is a Gocco?


they look so beautiful. I have been wanting to get a gocco for a while now - so please blog about it so I get to make less mistakes. Those scarves look great. Can't wait to see everything finished.


I love those cars. Gorgeous.


Cute print!! And I totally hear you re printing white ink on colours. I like it because it really emphasises the fact that the print has been screened printed, not digitally printed.

Anyway thanks for the comment on my blog! I've seen them use the letter gauge at the post office but didn't know I could get one for myself - that would be cool! I managed to get a little sponge thing off them for stamps/air mail stickers so maybe I can get a gauge too. Thanks for the tip!

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