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My, oh my.  Pop on over to Leslie's Goodness blog and look at the beautiful images of the cherry blossoms - quite incredible.


I've got my own growing collection of cherry blossoms in the studio.  These will go onto t-shirts and bodysuits.  I will add them to the website as part of my new winter collection a little later this month.


I've been so busy that blogging, and reading of favourite blogs, has taken a back seat.  The good news is that I have found a new Melbourne manufacturer - a reliable one that won't keep me waiting 2 months for promised deliveries.  That's a huge relief.  So I have been driving around town with rolls of fabric and sets of patterns rattling around the boot (trunk).  There's still so much to do - fabric estimates, order fabric, order trims, finish off spec sheets.  All very time consuming.



oh, i love your cherry blossoms, too. so lovely. they will be perfect on some little clothes. for sure.


oh yours are lovely but aren't leslie's photos beautiful and make me so jealous!

I have my own issues with suppliers and was recently delayed another month which is just such a pain when they promise one thing and deliver another...glad you've sorted yours out


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