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That's my mantra this year.  I want to keep work simple.  Last year it was all about growing the business - which I have done.  It doubled in size.  I'm happy with that.  I want to keep it tracking along at this pace while I streamline some processes, outsource more, and enjoy a better work/life balance.  I think I'm getting there.

Iggy3I've just been out for a lovely dinner with three girlfriends - all business owners.  We get together every couple of months to support each other in our business enterprises, share expertise and experiences.  A friend and I formalised the group last year and it seems to work so well.  There was even talk of heading here together next month.

Life's just a big balancing act - finding time to fit everything in.  I'm enjoying a little quiet patch before my winter range goes online.  I've been getting a few jobs done around the house - organising tradespeople for long awaited repairs, paying bills on time.  Things that feel good to tick off the list.

And then Will rang from Hong Kong as I was heading home from dinner to say there was a huge trade fair going on in China and would I like to join him and check it out (you might recall he's the master of last minute travel).  I warned him not to encourage me to gear up again with work if he ever wanted food in the pantry, the front room decorated, the children to get to school in the right uniform, etc.



Balancing life can be so difficult sometimes - work, home, self... sometimes I have to make myself step back and breathe.


I vote for keeping it simple - selfishly, as I will then get to see more of you!


Christine, your comment about the food in the pantry, decorating the front room and the right school uniform, really made me smile.
There are only 24 hours in the day - I'm convinced that women who have immaculate children and houses, don't sew...or paint, write, or whatever.
The world needs more creativity, not perfect homemakers:)


Oh, I wish I had a little group like yours! I need something like that. And we also have no food in our pantry. Desperately looking forward to being a bit more established in my business, because the first year has been really, really tough. Hope your business is settling down and successful!

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