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The things you do

I've got scrambled brain after a very busy morning.  We had a little photo shoot here today with our three boys and two very pretty girls who are family friends. 

We arrived home from Queensland last night, and I still had a few garments to make for the shoot.  I put tired boys into bed and retreated to the studio to make two skirts and a coat.


Before I went away I forgot to get buttons for the sample coat.  Last night I went trawling through my button tin in the vain hope there would be three or more red buttons from last winter.  No such luck.  What I did find though, was the spare button from a red coat of mine from a few seasons ago.


So my coat was dragged out of the wardrobe and stripped of its buttons for the shoot today. 

I managed to pull all the required outfits together - just.  It was a bit close for comfort this time.  We lucked a sunny day though and I think we got some lovely shots.