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If I could choose a house, any house, this house would be very high on my list of all time favourite Melbourne houses.


When Will and I first moved in together we lived in an apartment in the beautiful suburb of East Melbourne.  East Melbourne features street after street of grand scale Victorian era houses like this one.  Only very few ugly blocks of 1960s flats blot the landscape.  This favourite house of mine was opposite the little store where we bought the milk and newspapers.  I would look at its simple yet elegant facade and dream about living in such a house one day.

It's currently for sale.  It's even got a little studio out the back by the swimming pool.  And hard to tell from this photo, it has two bedrooms on a third floor.  Since reading "A Little Princess" as a child, I've always loved the idea of an attic bedroom.

What sort of house would you choose to live in?



[and are you going to take a look?]
my fav? well, it is hard for me to go past heide II (http://www.heide.com.au/Heide_II.php). i love that house.
and sean godsell's kew or carter/tucker house.
although, anything by glenn murcutt is mighty fine.
not to mention...
[i really could just go on and on and on]

Miss K

Wow,stunning,this is one part of Melbourne i need to discover next time I'm there.


Georgian rectory with a walled garden for me please. Although yours looks very tempting.


Kris, this is exactly where I can picture you living. It is very you! I'd have to say that I would be more than happy to live in your house!! It is such a lovely gracious home, so when you move to this house, I'll take yours!

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