Fabric migration
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Too much fabric

Is there such a thing as too much fabric?  Probably not, but when trying to store it all I begin to wonder.  My studio feels like a fabric shop at the moment.  I have more fabric than I know what to do with.


I have about 12 rolls of Liberty in the corner that I'll be dropping to my manufacturer soon for summer production.  On the bench above is a selection of mostly Japanese fabrics that I use for creche bags.  These are some of the new fabric options.  They get cut up and put in a drawer, so that when an order comes in all the pieces are ready and waiting.


I have several drawers like this in my studio - one for bag pockets, one for side panels, one for handles and pocket facings.  It might sound highly organised, but it certainly doesn't feel like it.



oh my gosh. your organization is amazing! i need to do a little more of that. for sure.


I think it looks wonderful.Organised and beautiful!


I love the idea of the ready-to-go pieces waiting in the drawer!


Lovely fabrics and everything looks wonderful.


Your an inspiration, the fabric is beautiful. I hope one day to be as organized with my fabric.

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