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Last year Will had a meeting in New York to discuss a business opportunity with these guys.  I guess in a nutshell they are style consultants (and seemingly a lot more).  He came back from the meeting with a copy of their book, "Nothing to wear?".

Nothing_to_wearI'm not much of a reader of self help books so this sat on my bedside table for a while.  When I did pick it up and have a read I'm surprised to say I really enjoyed it and got a lot from it. 

The start of their process is to define your style.

They describe 5 styles:

Classic - Simple, clean and traditional; eg, Grace Kelly
Chic - Sharp lines that come together in an effortless way; eg, Audrey Hepburn
Whimsical - a thoughtful combination of colours and patterns that appears ethereal or romantic; eg, Sofia Coppola
Bohemian - Relaxed, hippy or funky; eg, Sienna Miller
Avant-garde - An ultramodern style that makes a dramatic statement; eg, Cate Blanchett

GraceThe premise is that once you know your style you can make more considered fashion choices. 

Since I read the book I've certainly become a more efficient clothes shopper in that I don't get distracted by clothes that don't fit my style.  I've probably also got a more cohesive wardrobe that I can mix and match more easily.  I've since lent the book to a few friends who have also raved about it.

My style is a combination of Classic and Chic.  What's your style?  You can do a short quiz to determine your style here.



I haven't done the quiz yet, but I think I cam the same - classic/chic. As least that's what I'd like to be. But, I think my hair puts me in a whole other category - wild! I have long curly hair. Have you noticed that none of the woman listed as examples of each of the five styles have curly hair? Do they say anything about hair in the book?
The business opportunity sounds very exciting - did it eventuate? These guys might be the male version of Trinny & Suzannah.


Intersted to know what you would pick me as!!! Yours is spot on.


This is so typical of me: I scored a few points in most categories. Which is why, I guess, I have a broadly varied wardrobe?


Correct - Bohemian with a side order of classic.

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