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Earlier this week I had a call from a stylist that I have provided stock to in the past.  She wanted either a creche bag or laundry bag to photograph for a magazine article.

The laundry bag has been in my range for many years now.  I confess to finding it a very handy thing to have.  Mine lives in one of our overnight bags, so I never forget to take it away on weekends.  I love coming home from a weekend with the clean and dirty clothes already separated - it makes for a much better Monday.  I am rather tired of the denim however.

Linen laundry bag detail1

So when I received the product request it was all the motivation I needed to whip one up in some linen scraps.  It was a bit of a rush job though.  I even forgot to sew the pegs on!

Linen laundry bag detail  

I don't love it though.  The 'clothes line' is too heavy. I think I'll have a play around with either a gocco printed clothesline, or a fine chocolate wool embroidered chain-stitch.



what a nice idea! I like to separate clothes too when on holidays....these laundry bags are so much prettier.


Simply gorgeous! I love the fabric choices, very cute!


Love the flowered fabric.


Simply lovely!!
Are you still playing Uno? My children are crazy with that!


I think the chain stitch idea would be lovely, as is that gorgeous red floral fabric. Just beautiful.


Sure beats my black garbage bags!


well i love it:)

Ana Paula

absolutely loved it!

Ana Paula

absolutely loved it!

Whatever deedee wants

Darling! I love it!

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