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Drawing class number two

Yesterday I had my second drawing class.


I'm going to blog about my drawings each week as I am interested to see the progress I will hopefully make.


The above is unfinished - I haven't shaded the leaves fully.

I also picked up this lovely book; which includes images of work like this one (by Regine Hagedorn in 1952):


Something to aspire to.

Curled leaf

Next week we are going to be doing more on curled leaves.   



Looks to me that you already know how to draw:)


This looks like a wonderfully contemplative activity. I think you have captured the camellia beautifully - even though you say it isn't finished. I look forward to reading more posts in the weeks to come.

two little buttons

wow you have done a great job. i am very impressed

Jean C.

Very nice... bet you get an A+
Love the pictures in the book also.

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