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I should be grading a pattern for boy's linen shorts but instead I visited the Melbourne Art Fair this morning.

Joanna Logue I was hoping to see a work by this artist at the stand of the gallery that represents her.  Alas no, but she is having an exhibition in Sydney later this year at a time that I will happen to be there.

I just love this artist's work and her website is so beautiful.

Willy, if you're reading this and wondering what to get me for my 40th next year.....

Drawing class number two

Yesterday I had my second drawing class.


I'm going to blog about my drawings each week as I am interested to see the progress I will hopefully make.


The above is unfinished - I haven't shaded the leaves fully.

I also picked up this lovely book; which includes images of work like this one (by Regine Hagedorn in 1952):


Something to aspire to.

Curled leaf

Next week we are going to be doing more on curled leaves.   

Ideas please

I'm having a tidy up in the studio to make way for the delivery of my summer range in the next fortnight.

I came across these braids (I'm not even sure what you call them).  I bought them about 10 years ago in this shop.  At the time I got the exchange rate wrong by a decimal point and ended up spending way too much on them.  I ordered a few metres of several different ones because I thought they were so affordable.  Not so.


Anyway, I haven't really done much with them because I'm not quite sure what to do with them.  Does anyone have any clever ideas?

Leave a comment here with your suggestions.  I'll send a length of one of these to the commenter with my favourite idea.


The only idea I came up with is this lavender pincushion.  I rather like it, as every time I stick a pin in it the lavender frangrance is released.  But you only need so many lavender infused pincushions!

A grey day

This morning I did my usual Saturday morning trick.  With Will newly returned from his trip I said I was just ducking out to buy the paper and would be back in 20 minutes; only to arrive home two hours later after dropping into some favourite shops.

Grey purchases I'm mad about grey in all its variations - pewter, oyster, charcoal, gunmetal, silver.  It seems when I shop for clothes the ones that catch my eye are in the grey palette.  This morning I went with it and returned home with some new t-shirts and tops.

I know I'll live in these because, well, they're in my favourite colour.

Grey purchases1 And the best thing about sticking to a monotonous colour scheme is that they go with everything else in my wardrobe. 

The old cardi is a favourite from last winter and the necklace is from the wonderful Elk Accessories.

This favourite shop of mine even wraps the packages in grey tissue - how could I resist.

A heavenly afternoon

After a manic morning of racing against the clock to upload the summer range yesterday, the afternoon couldn't have been more relaxing.

At the start of the year I mentioned I was keen to take up botanical art.  Yesterday I had my first class.

Leaf I spent three hours in the art studio with 6 other students.  We started with the basics - shading and dimension.  I have learned so much already.  I can't wait for next Tuesday.

There are a few talented artists in my family.  My mother's mother and my two aunts are very good with a paintbrush.  Mum's younger sister paints racehorses on commission.  They are so lifelike, you expect them to walk off the canvas. 

Cylinder Sadly, Mum didn't inherit any artisitc genes (although she got lots of other good ones); in fact, her attempts at drawing are truly abysmal.  Yes, really bad.

So art isn't something that comes naturally to me either.  That's supposed to be the top of the leaf in that sketch, but somehow it looks like the underside.  I'm not sure why or how to fix it.  I'll have to wait until next week.  I will be interested to see how my drawing develops.  I would never have been able to draw these prior to just this one class and what I learned about light and shade.

Next week we're drawing acorns.

New range

Hands up who wants to see the new Townmouse summer range?

Gypsy Dress

After many hours of cropping images, writing product descriptions, uploading content and proof-reading, I'm happy to say the new range is now online.  Yay!  Head on over to the website to have a look.

I've been sitting at my desk for about 12 of the last 24 hours working on the website.  Although this afternoon I did  take a few hours out to do something totally different.  I had the best, best afternoon.  I will tell you about that tomorrow.

A world away

Will called from New York as I was dropping the boys at school this morning.  He was just heading out for dinner to Pastis in the Meatpacking District with two colleagues from Italy.


Hmmm, I could have handled that - sitting outside on a warm summer evening.  Although his busy day with many client meetings after having travelled through the night and been awake for 24 hours is something I'd rather do without.  That's why he makes a good hunter-gatherer, while I'm a better nester.

(Photo from here.)

In production

It feels good to know that my summer range is in production and will be ready in just a few weeks.

Car load

Earlier this week I filled the car boot (trunk) with a mountain of fabric, patterns, trims, linings, fusings, labels; and delivered it all to my Melbourne manufacturers.  They are busy laying, cutting, sewing my garments - turning fabric into pretty pieces like this one.

Tiny peak

Well, I can't show you too much just yet.  Check back soon for full length images.  

A makeover

My little blog has had a lovely makeover.  I stumbled upon the designs of Alyson from Seventy and Sunny during my wanderings around various blogs.  I can't recall where I first saw her work but I really love her designs and new right away that she'd design something that was very me.  With very little direction she came up with this header and shop link.


I love it so much, I already have her working on some other things for me.  In fact, as the day has gone on I have thought of a few other things that need a little makeover.