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I've got a lot of stock in the house at the moment, and there is the issue of how to store it in a presentable and easily accessible way.


I had some brown cardboard traylike boxes that were a bit ratty looking.  This morning I dropped into the beautiful Zetta Florence store in Armadale and bought some of the Cavallini wrapping paper.  Their wrapping paper is so perfect that it's frame-worthy.  In fact we have this same paper - a map of Venice - framed in Will's study.

Using two sheets I cut and taped it to the cardboard box.  Now this storage solution is looking much more presentable.


I think next I'll have to invest in a roll of contact paper, to cover it and make it a little more durable.



Why not just mod podge over it. That would make it more durable and waterproof it a bit too.


I've used the same paper but the map of Paris to cover a couple of the kids school books at the beginning of each year. If you do each exercise book in a different cover it makes it easier for them to readily identify which book belongs to which subject. I do contact them after I've applied the paper cover & the contact readily peels off if you discover you've applied it and got a few bubbles.


What a transformation - excellent idea for a display case. I was going to suggest Mod Podge as well (it comes in matt and gloss).


I absolutely love Zetta Florence, and that paper. I have a roll lying around somewhere that I bought to cover some magazine boxes from IKEA, but couldn't bring myself to cut it up! Your box has inspired me to get cutting and enjoy using my paper.

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