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Yesterday I picked up my stock of Beach Tops from the manufacturer.

Beach Tops

It's hard to believe that the initial inspiration for the Beach Top was this Michael Kors outfit.

Michael kors dress I was sitting at the hairdresser at the beginning of the year flicking through a Vogue magazine and came across this.  It was the contrast bands of colour at the neck, hem and sleeves that caught my eye and I wanted to replicate.  Because I used cotton voile for the body of the top, I couldn't finish the neckline in a similar way without the seam of the contrast colour showing through the fabric.  If I'd done it in a more complicated way the manufacturing would cost too much and would risk being too complicated to guarantee a quality finish.

So I shelved the idea of a neck finished this way (until maybe next winter when I use a heavier weight fabric) and adapted a pattern from a few summers back.

Beach Top  

I find it curious how a design idea evolves into the finished product.  There's no connection between the initial inspiration and the end design, but that's what sparked the idea.



Hi! I'm back to reality! WOnderful idea. I love your new drawing lessons, I'm sure you will do lovely things with them. By the way, a friend of mine in Spain who bought you a pair of pijamas is happy to have them, and I'm happy to see that people know your work! COngrats'!


What a lovely top, I have been admiring your creations from afar, yes I think they call it lurking, anyway I know that if I think it is beautiful then I should share that with you. I know it would look beautiful on my 5yr old daughter.


That is a really cute top. Keep em coming.

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