Busy as a bee
What a week

Drawing class number four

In this class we did a bit of theory on foreshortening.  I confess to not feeling very inspired in yesterday's class.  I couldn't find that zone where the mind relaxes and the drawing starts to come more easily.

Foreshortenend leaf

I was distracted by the mounting number of orders I have to get out.

Mail I'm just about to wander around the corner to post the parcels I managed to pack yesterday.  Fortunately today I have someone helping me pack and ship.  I also have an exploding out basket of items waiting for additional things to be ready with them - like t-shirts that require an applique.  So the parcels ready to go are all the straight forward orders.  It's the outbox that's stressing me.

Better get back to it.


Jean C.

As hard as it must be to relax... maybe you should just relax in the fact that you are a sucess! If the in box were empty it would be telling you something totally different!
Take some deep breaths.... in... out.... in.... out! And just let the talent flow... it's flowing right out the door and onto someone else's doorstep! Way to go! Your stuff (including the drawing) is lovely.

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