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Drawing class number three

Yesterday in class we learned the technique behind drawing realistic curled leaves. This also applies to petals.

Curled leaf how to

We then practiced this technique by drawing and shading leaves that were twisted 4 ways.

Curled leaves

Unlike previous sketches which were drawn from a real sample, these were drawn following the technique and what we had learned so far from shading.


I'm now looking at nature with a whole new appreciation for it's splendour. I don't think this course will turn me into a gardener (so many of the women studying botanical illustration are keen gardeners), but I am compelled to stop and study plants that catch my eye. I also have an array of picked flowers, leaves and other miscellanea sitting around in glasses of water on the kitchen bench.



You continually amaze me - just beautiful.


These are beautiful


I just loved stopping by here and looking at these beautiful leaves you have drawn. I don't know how you do it, but you bring a sense of serenity to all of your work, and I really enjoy it.


Beautiful. I would love to be in a drawing class again.


You have uploaded a great site.

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