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Perfectionist patternmaker

I find patternmaking can be an exhausting process because by nature I'm a perfectionist.  This makes developing a new style for the range a long, drawn out exercise as I go through multiple revisions, metres of patternmaking card and many samples.

Short longs

On the bright side, by the time a pattern is production ready I am very confident that it fits well and looks good on.  Having three fit models in the house is very handy.  The boys each have a few pairs of new Short Longs to wear this coming summer.

I'm glad I have the (limited) pattern and garment making skills myself, as outsourcing this many revisions would be an expensive process.

I was a bit stumped last week because I really needed to see the shorts on one and two year olds.  Our youngest is nearly four and my friends' children are now older too.  Then I struck on a bright idea and called up the creche that Tom and Henri went to.  Fortuitously, it's 20 metres from our front door.  So I headed over to the creche with sample garments in hand to find two willing fit models and a helpful carer.

I'm pleased and relieved to say the Short Longs went into production last week and will be ready soon.



So pleased to see you really put the Townmouse fittings to the test .
I understand that children are not necessarily the size that corresponds to their age,but sometimes I wonder if some manufacturers actually size their wares on real little humans !!

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