The grown up version
Highly recommended



It's not boring! I have very much enjoyed reading about the evolution of the beach top - both in the child's and the adult's version. How very satisfying that you now have two of your own in very different fabrics that you have created yourself!


Wow, what a gorgeous combination! The top is fantastic (as is the white one) and the necklace sets it off beautifully. I've got an Elk necklace myself, in green. It seems to go with everything.


How I wish you did adult clothes. I love this style, I have a country road one which is more or less the same. I've lived in it for the last two seasons. Sadly I think I will have to retire it this year, it looking a little worn and tired now.

I have this fabric too, but in a different colourway. I scored it in a swap. I've always wondered if it was Liberty.


What a great top. I love the liberty fabric. Wish I could get some of that beautiful fabric here.


Not bored over here - the color combination is gorgeous!


I just love this.....


I wish you did adults clothing too - the tops are gorgeous and they are a great length.


love it completely.


That is some eye candy right their. When are you going to sell them.:)


I love that top!
Please tell me you are going to be selling them.


You HAVE to put that in your Townmouse range..just an adult version of your favourites. A little like some adult clothing ranges to a small childs version.

It's great!


You're going to have to do some mama beach tops now that you've posted this here ... puhlease?

Alicia A.

I wish I could wear that top today.


That top is gorgeous - and so is the Elk necklace. I have a red Elk necklace which attracts comments all the time. I also have about 3 of their wooden brooches, love them all!


The Liberty watering cans are just gorgeous. And how lovely teamed with the necklace...

two little buttons

not boring at all. i love them both. how i wish you made some adult town mouse, i would love those tops as well as some of the skirts and tops that you do. adult townmouse would be fantastic !!!i also have a country road one similar that i have worn to death and have just thrown out.
thanks for sharing

Anne Marie

Beautiful colours.

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