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September 2008

Amazing work

I was flicking through one of my favourite books that lives on our coffee table the other night.  I just have to share this wonderful image with you.  If you click on it you'll see the finer detail.


According to the book, "All the linen for the yacht Christina, owned by Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis, was embroidered by the Porthault firm. The execution is so perfect, espeicially in terms of shading, that it is hard to distinguish the watercolour sketch from the final embroidered version."

I've wandered into the Porthault store in Ave Montaigne in Paris, hoping to see such fine work.  I think this is some of the prettiest embroidery I've ever seen, don't you?

Henri's big day out

There is a wonderful option for little boys' birthday parties in Melbourne.

Fire engine

You can hire a beautiful old fire engine that will arrive at the party to take the children for a ride.

In the drivers seat 

On Friday Henri attended a kindy friend's 4th birthday.  He's still talking about the party several days later.

Cake time Here's Henri gorging himself on cake with the love of his sweet, short life (who is very elegantly dressed in Townmouse, I might add). 

These two are inseparable at kindy and very funny to watch together.

Sale at the Walnut Warehouse

We had so much fun last time that we're doing it again - Townmouse, Juicy Bear and Walnut, that is.


We're having another warehouse sale for two mornings next week.  Wednesday 10th Sept and Thursday 11th Sept from 9.30am to 1.30pm.

29 Stewart Street, Richmond, Melbourne (just opposite Richmond Station).

Walnut shoes There will be some great bargains to be found, plus full ranges of our current season stock to shop from.

Hope to see any local readers there!

Unfinished symphony

There's a bit of a pattern with me and quilts.  I do a lot of starting, but not a lot of finishing.

Pinwheel quilt

I get excited by a new quilt idea, race into it, whip up 10 or so blocks, do the maths, realise I've got another 40 blocks to get to at least single bed size, then run out of steam.

Pinwheel quilt3

I wasn't going to share this with you until I was at the quilting stage, but, well, who am I kidding.  It's September and I'll find scant little time for quilting between now and Christmas day.  So I'm showing you my work in progress. 

Pinwheel quilt5

Maybe sometime next year I'll have a finished project to show you.

Pinwheel quilt10

For now what I can show you is the quilt picture that inspired this project.


And I'm sorry I don't know the source.  I found it on a blog I don't recall.  The blog writer thought it might be from Franke magazine.