The grown up version


Will grew up on a family farm about two hours from Melbourne - a beautiful, magical place.


Will's mother is an extremely talented designer and gardener.  She rescued the 100 year old garden in the mid '70s from the overgrown and rundown state the previous, elderly owner had left it in.

Farm_wisteria walk 

The farm was sold two years ago.  Keeping a large garden in a near perfect state was not something Will's parents wanted to continue with into their seventies.


I was lucky enough to enjoy it for the 12 years Will and I were together before it was sold. 


I have missed it, but it's only since I've taken up botanical drawing that I really yearn for it.


How I would love to sit with a sketch book, drawing flowers in situ, in any corner of that garden.  At this time of year the riverbanks and the wildgarden beyond the walled garden are a sea of yellow as the daffodils come into bloom.  Our corgi in the photo above is sniffing along a huge bed of hellebores.


Now I have to track them down in the florist if I want to sketch them.  I'm really kicking myself that I didn't take up this enjoyable pursuit 5 years ago, so I could have spent lazy weekend days drawing the many varieties of beautiful and unusual plants to be found there.


I had my last drawing class for the term on Tuesday.  We have a few week's break and then I will start another class with a new teacher.  I'm hoping to put in a lot of practice before then with my watercolours - I definitely need it.



You constantly amaze me with your talents Kris. Can I have a copy of one of your sketches for xmas??? Please please....

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