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To top off what was a very busy week I had a painter in the house making a start on our front sitting room.  Yay, after only 4 and a bit years in this house the decoration of this room is finally underway.

Sitting room before

The Loro Piana fabric is with the curtain maker and will be ready in a month.  We were going to wallpaper the walls in a lovely oyster coloured silk to warm the room up, but I couldn't quite swallow the $10,000 price tag.  No, that wasn't a typo. 

Paint colours Instead, the painter is applying two shades of Porters Paint and using an additive called scrumble to achieve a textured or silk-like effect.  We have one wall finished and so far it is coming along nicely.

Now that our sitting room project is in train I have been revisiting my file of magazine clippings. 

Sitting room B 

It's amazing how many sitting rooms with bay windows and fireplaces there are in English homes that are almost identicial to ours.   Our sofa will sit in the bay window, much like the image above.

Sitting room C 

I like these French style upright chairs and neutral tones in the above room.

Sitting room E 

I think trimming curtains like this is a clever way to bring expensive fabric into a space when on a budget. 

Sitting room D 

Our fireplace has no chimney breast, as in the image above.  It makes it difficult to put built in shelves or bookcases on either side of the fireplace.  I'm still not sure what we'll do about that.

Sitting room A


Jean C.

Well, good for you! It's always fun to get a project under way. The sooner you start the sooner it's done and you can enjoy it. Can you not put a mantle of some sort on your fireplace? Just wondering... at least you have a fireplace! We are hoping to put one soon into our basement. And maybe put vents in such a way that we can heat the upstairs in case of a power outage!
Lovely pictures and idea's. It will be fun to see the "after".


What a "fun" project!!
Love the first clipping!

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