At the risk of boring you..

The grown up version

I guess you could say this is the grown up version of the Townmouse beach top.

Beach top 

This will also be a very handy top to wear over jeans.  For my first attempt I made it in some light weight, inexpensive cotton.

Beach top detail 

As is often the case,  the sample garment in simple fabric is often my favourite.  Sewing curved seams with gathering is a little tedious (well at least compared to children's wear which I always design to have flat seams).  But I've already transferred this pattern to cardboard, as I have a feeling I will make it again.



very,very nice! the first thing I noticed and admired was the detail of the gaterhing at the neck line.


That is so pretty!


Love this, I would wear it in a second. Note to self, must start sewing again now I have my room back. Yes, some things for the warmer weather would be nice.


oh, it is perfect. i would love to see it on you.


It's gorgeous, I love the gathering detail.

I have just whipped up some of these tops to match my girls new bathers. As I was making them I thought to myself that I really wouldn't mind the adult version also.


oh gosh - i love kurtas! when i go back to india - i plan to get them tons in shades of white. diane furstenburg does that :)

love your blog!


love this! can't wait to see what other colors and patterns you add .....


This is gorgeous, Kristine.

Missy Severson

I want one!!!!

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