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Unfinished symphony

There's a bit of a pattern with me and quilts.  I do a lot of starting, but not a lot of finishing.

Pinwheel quilt

I get excited by a new quilt idea, race into it, whip up 10 or so blocks, do the maths, realise I've got another 40 blocks to get to at least single bed size, then run out of steam.

Pinwheel quilt3

I wasn't going to share this with you until I was at the quilting stage, but, well, who am I kidding.  It's September and I'll find scant little time for quilting between now and Christmas day.  So I'm showing you my work in progress. 

Pinwheel quilt5

Maybe sometime next year I'll have a finished project to show you.

Pinwheel quilt10

For now what I can show you is the quilt picture that inspired this project.


And I'm sorry I don't know the source.  I found it on a blog I don't recall.  The blog writer thought it might be from Franke magazine.



blues and yellows are one of my favourite combinations - and I love the grey touches you've added through your fabric choices. Good luck with getting it closer to completion but remember that it's also supposed to be fun! That's the bit I have a hard time remembering when I hit the 2/3 lag.


it's lovely! your points are so perfect...I'm looking forward to seeing it finished!

the pesky bombolino

It's really beautiful. You've struck a chord with me there because I've just started a quilt and mentioning that there's another 40 or so blocks to go has given me a bit of a sinking feeling!


how lovely! i do like the fabrics you have chosen.
looking forward to the finished quilt.


love the colors you have chosen
very very promising !


Nice quilt that you have in progress. I love the inspiration photo, too.


This will be such a fine quilt. I love the calm colours you have chosen.

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