Domestic servitude
Bribe them with chocolate



It's lovely, Kris.
The colours so vibrant, the leaves and pear look alive. And yummy. I want to eat some pears, now. Maybe today I find a ripe one, I didn't yesterday ...

Autumn is starting here: one day sunny, one day cloudy and rain, but not cold yet.
Hope you have a nice weekend as you warm into spring.


Gosh Kristine - these are just gorgeous. I'm really loving watching your artistic progress. Well done on your beautiful works of art.


The Onassis' should have you painting and embroidering their linen.
Surely they must need spares when the Porthault fish are in the wash!


Wow! I'm quite impressed: your watercolors are lovely. The leaves' colors especially. Well done.

ella kelly

Are you kidding? I have done quite a bit of watercolour and these are very elegant. Great job!

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