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Hello Halloween

Pumpkin I spent all day Thursday making chicken stock. 

At great expense Tom and I bought this beautiful pumpkin from our favourite local fruit shop.  It weighed 4.5 kg (which I know is 10 pound 1 ounce because that's what Max weighed at birth).

I thought I was going to have so much pumpkin flesh that I would need to make a lot fo pumpkin soup (hence the chicken stock).  When I cut the base of it open I was amazed to find it was mostly hollow.

Anyway, with a little help from Martha, we carved our pumpkin and put it on the front verandah.

Halloween pumpkin

Three orange balloons on the front fence attracted a large number of neighbourhood children and the boys enjoyed handing out the lollies.  

I hope you all enjoyed your halloween.



wow great pumpkin!!!!I found out our local grocer also got them in for halloween but maybe next year! we had an orange balloon on the post box and keira the fairy ballerina handed out lollies....she loved it and the kiddies were all so polite


That is the most beautiful pumpkin I have EVER seen - how could you bare to cut into it. I'm very impressed with your Halloweenness!!

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