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October 2008

Hello Halloween

Pumpkin I spent all day Thursday making chicken stock. 

At great expense Tom and I bought this beautiful pumpkin from our favourite local fruit shop.  It weighed 4.5 kg (which I know is 10 pound 1 ounce because that's what Max weighed at birth).

I thought I was going to have so much pumpkin flesh that I would need to make a lot fo pumpkin soup (hence the chicken stock).  When I cut the base of it open I was amazed to find it was mostly hollow.

Anyway, with a little help from Martha, we carved our pumpkin and put it on the front verandah.

Halloween pumpkin

Three orange balloons on the front fence attracted a large number of neighbourhood children and the boys enjoyed handing out the lollies.  

I hope you all enjoyed your halloween.

Silly me

I did a rather silly thing yesterday.  I sent an email to a large proportion of my local mailing list saying I had some old t-shirt designs to clear and pop into the studio today between 9am and 3pm.

By 9.15 the entire box was cleared out.  I couldn't have customers turning up with no specials on offer.  So I offered a little discount on all current stock.  As a result I was completely cleaned out.  Now I'm going to have to get very busy restocking the shelves in preparation for the two big Christmas Fairs I do - one in Sydney and one in Melbourne.

Lolly bags

I'm exhausted.  I think I'll lie on the sofa and polish off the rest of the lollies from the lolly bags we made up for Max's 8th birthday on Saturday.  Gotta love Pez.

Bloesem Kids

Well with everything going on here I haven't had the chance to thank Irene of Bloesem Kids for including Townmouse on her lovely blog.  Irene has a discerning eye and I always love what she features on Bloesem Kids.  So I was extremely flattered when she deemed Townmouse "Bloesem-worthy".


If you haven't yet stumbled upon this blog you are in for a treat.

And Bloesem Kids is definitely worth visiting at the moment, as Irene has a lovely Holiday Season gift guide that features wonderful products in a range of categories.  Pop on over and take a look.


Pentagon balls

The last time I made one of these I was about 12.  Back then I used Liberty too.  It became a pincushion for my mother's sewing room.

Pentagon ball

The boys were rather enamored by these.  Here are Tom's little hands testing one out.

Pentagon ball red

It occurred to me that these might make sweet Christmas tree ornaments if done in Christmas fabrics (I'm thinking cute Katoh-esque reindeers - certainly not that gold accented Christmas fabric to be found at Spotlight).

 Pentagon ball red1

They would also make a sweet baby gift for a newborn.  Something soft to grab at - maybe in the leftover fabrics from a cot quilt.  They reminded me of these fabric balls.

Pentagon balls

All you need is 12 pentagons for each ball.  Dig out your old school protractor to get an even sided shape.

Paper piecing

I felt like a small hand sewing project.  Some simple sewing to do in front of a Friday night movie.


I'm also always looking for ways to use all the fabric scraps left over from production.  This is a favourite Liberty from my recent winter range.  I just love this fabric so it gives me great satisfaction to use all the tiny pieces that came back from the manufacturer.

The thing about sewing pentagons is that you don't end up with a flat finished piece.  What will these become?  Stay tuned.

Back in action

My laptop has been repaired and returned to me.  I confess to being at a bit of a loss without it and spent three days being rather productive on other fronts, as well as doing a certain amount of thumb twiddling.


One thing I did do was get busy with my sewing machine and whip up 9 pairs of short longs.  My boys have lived in their Townmouse shorts since the weather warmed and 3 pairs each doesn't seem to be enough.  So when I spied this blue seersucker, and red and white striped denim in a local fabric shop I grabbed a few metres and got busy.  Three pairs of the blue shorts are going to a favourite customer interstate who also has 3 boys.

Right now, Henri and I are going to have lunch on the river bank at a favourite Melbourne haunt with some friends.  Henri will be wearing his red shorts today.

Dream on

My laptop has made an emergency trip to the repair man and could be gone for up to 10 days.  I feel like an amputee.  So I can't download my own photos (or do any work for that matter).  A disaster really.

So (from Will's computer) I thought I'd share this lovely image of a house currently for sale on the coast about an hour from our city.


Not bad sea views from this waterfront property.  Just lovely in every way.

Turning yoghurt into silk

Waterfall dress Earlier this week I returned home from the supermarket with armfuls of shopping to find a very handsome man draped elegantly on our sofa, and a fridge full of yoghurt.  The location scout had called again and booked our house for a yoghurt print ad.  Our kitchen and living room will be appearing in national print media as the backdrop for some attractive people eating yoghurt in the weeks to come.

All I had to do was hand the house over to them for the day - for that I was paid well.  So what to do when you're on the streets - why go shopping of course.

A friend was having a range showing for a Sydney designer called Carl Kapp.  I went along and tried on a few things.  It's one of those ranges that has to be tried on, as this man knows how to dress a woman's shape.  The clothes drape beautifully and are very flattering.  I couldn't resist a knee-length version of the pictured dress in a lovely steel blue.  It's called the Waterfall Dress - the name alone was enough to make me want it.  Thanks for the dress Jalna!

Why am I telling you this?  Well, I just received an email from Mr Kappy chap, offering me and my friends 20% off any online purchases of the summer range.  So if you like what you see and are tempted to buy, email me for the code and I'll fill you in.  (Oh, and overseas shoppers - remember the Australian dollar is really low at the moment, plus you get 10% off the listed price (sales tax) - that's discounts galore.)

Show and tell

Last year when I was in Tokyo I couldn't resist picking up a few paper craft books for the boys.  I had them hidden away in the present drawer and gave them one each during the school holidays.


The Japanese are simply brilliant at this sort of thing.  The design is just amazing.  The boys are mad about these books.  Tom chose the sea life one, and Max chose wild animals.


Tom took his book and a finished fish to school for Show and Tell.  As I was tucking him up in the bed the other night he was telling me about it.  I asked him what things his friends bring to Show and Tell.  His answer made me laugh: "Well Serena brought two sticks, and she went like this (he brought his fingers together in a mashing motion) and she made this woolen thing."  From his description I guessed she was knitting a scarf.  Tom was certainly very impressed.  I love a man who has an appreciation for women's pursuits!

You can buy the books at Amazon Japan.  I think I'll be ordering a few more for Christmas.


An unusual craft project

Last week I worked on an unusual craft project.  I appliqued my father-in-law's initials onto a large piece of fine wool cloth that had been sent from Italy.  The cloth draped his coffin at the funeral on Friday.

The day was a beautiful send-off to a much loved and admired man.  Will gave a touching and perfect eulogy - I was so proud of him.  Will's sister-in-law (who is a twice ARIA nominated singer/songwriter) sang a lovely French song to the accompaniment of a guitar in front of the large congregation.

Melbourne turned on a perfect Spring day - not too hot - and the wake was held in a friend's garden under large trees.


This photo is of Will's father (aged 12) helping his father to class wool.

Townmouse heads to Adelaide

Tom_caseTownmouse is heading to Adelaide later this week to join a mix of about 10 different businesses in a Spring Bazaar.

This is the first time the Townmouse range has been shown in South Australia.  I personally won't be there, but a friend has very kindly agreed to take a bulging case of goodies to the pretty city.

The Spring Bazaar takes place this Friday 10th Oct from 11am to 7pm and Saturday 11th Oct from 10am to 5pm.

If you get the chance, drop in to 1 Rundle Street Kent Town to view the range.

One for me, one for you

Busy hands make for a calm mind.  Sewing has always been my form of therapy, so I've busied myself with some dressmaking.


Your encouraging comments about the women's version of the beach top have inspired me to whip up a few tops for sale.  You can find the first over here at my Etsy store.

They're currently in a size small.  If you'd like any other sizes, leave me a comment and I'll try to find time to grade the pattern.