Townmouse heads to Sydney
Amy Butler in Sydney

Argh, the logistics!

My darling husband (said through gritted teeth) has pulled his usual number on me and asked me to change our travel dates for Tokyo.  He needs to be in India at the end of the week we plan to be away, rather than the beginning of it.

So I have spent a large part of this afternoon rearranging my life.  After two calls to the live-in nanny, two calls to my mother and a long call to Qantas I have pulled it off.  All is again right with the world.  It means I now leave for Tokyo 4 days earlier which is exciting because it's coming around very quickly.


On a pretty note, look at this beautiful French cotton grosgrain I picked up in my travels yesterday.  It's the perfect shade of denim blue - it's just crying out to trim little girl's skirts or dresses.  You don't often find trims in natural fibres these days so I consider this a bit of crafting treasure.



there's nothing wrong with getting to tokyo sooner! i am glad everything worked out.


that ribbon is beautiful, just beautiful.

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