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Lunch in the gardens of the Palais Royal in Paris, followed by dinner on the streets of the West Village in NYC?


Well you can pretend, or reminisce about the wonderful meals you once enjoyed in these locations.  All you need is a set of these paper placemats featuring maps of four great cities - Tokyo, Paris, London and New York.


In reality it's lamb chops and salad in our back garden tonight (a quintessential Australian dinner), but there's a good chance I'll be spilling chutney over the Tokyo subway.  You can find these map placemats here



What a terrific gift idea, thank you so much you have just done one portion of my Christmas shop for me, now if you don't mind doing this for the next four weeks I will be all done ;-)


What a cool idea! Growing up our dining room had a huge wall covered in a world map. Our parents would quiz us. This seems like it would require a little less commitment!

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