Let's try again

Earlier this year we attempted but didn't quite make a trip to Japan.  There have been exciting developments.

Plane bag 

A few weeks ago Will was talking about his work schedule and telling me how much travel he was going to have to do before the end of the year.  He suggested I try to come with him on one of those trips so we could get some much longed for downtime together.

Well, sometimes I think I'm born under a lucky star because the very next day I bumped into a very lovely live-in nanny who had worked for us twice before.  She was picking up another family at the boys' school.  So I asked about her work commitments for December.  She was free.


Upon hearing that, plans quickly progressed and I can now say that I have a return flight booked to Tokyo in the first week of December.  We will spend a long weekend in Japan together before Will continues on to Europe.  I'll stay a full extra day to do all the craft shopping and "research" for Japan Craft Journal, as well as Christmas shopping for the boys.

Stay tuned for some very crafty posts next month.



How wonderful!

I love it when you send an idea out into the universe & it provides...


Sounds fantastic! Looking forward to travelling vicariously with you! :)


oh, this is super exciting news for you. whoohoo for japan!


oh wow, you lucky thing. and to have some time to yourself as well, what a bonus. enjoy, i look forward to your piccies and shopping stories.


i look forward to vicariously exploring japan through your reports.


oh, you lucky thing!
how utterly wonderful.
[and i am mighty jealous. ;) ]


so, so lucky! can't wait to hear all about it, take heaps of photos : )

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