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I have a sudden desire to learn smocking.  And I'm the type of person that, when I decide I want to do something, it has to happen as soon as possible. 


Smocking seems to be a dying art.  I have a dear friend who is a country girl of my mother's generation.  Of course she knows how to smock beautifully, has pattern books and a pleating machine.  She has promised me a lesson next week.


In the interim, I'm looking through my folder of clippings of favourite children's clothes - quite a few of which have smocking detail. 

Are there any smocking enthusiasts out there?



I have just made a smocked Liberty
Dress for my 3 year old granddaughters 3rd Birthday- very much in fashion for gorgeous little girls from Canberra and Melbourne-the mothers love them!


My Auntie is a smocker and has smocked the girls lots of lovely dresses. I should post about them becuase they are so pretty. All up my girls have 9 or 10. She loves her Australian Smocking magazines from Country Bumpkins. It is such a lovely art and I am even partial to a little smocking for boys, but I don't think many would share that view.


I've been dressing my little girl in my old smocked dresses. they are just beautiful, made by my Mum. I did a little smocking with her some years ago but then got interested in quilting. I'd love to do some more one day, its very satisfying.


I love smocking. I haven't done any yet but have good intentions. I do buy smocked dresses for my girls - they always look so beautiful! Country Bumpkin have the nicest smocking books and publish Australian Smocking - they're fantastic magazines.


One of my dear friends and your customers from Horsham is who you need!!!!! Judy from Horsham won about 8 prizes at the Melbourne Show this year for her smocking, she wins every year!.. She would be honoured to help you out, I am sure.. Women from the country need an excuse to visit the big smoke sometimes too!!!!!!!


I was taught to smock at high school in New Zealand (about 20 or so years ago) and I love it. The clothing designer Rachel Riley uses smocking a lot in her range of children's clothes. When both my children were born my grandmother made them gorgeous white cotton baby nighties with white smocking on them. I have kept them to this day - they are simple but so beautiful.


I love smocked children's clothing and would like to learn how to do it before I have children. Perhaps I should try and find a class.


it is something that i have thought about having a go at.
my mum has a smocking machine.
so i have been contemplating akira-esque versions of something raw and untamed with smocked or pleated inserts. somehow. anyhow. sometime.
i look forward to your experiments. :)


oh lovely! I wish I could smock! But alas....I cannot. in the mean time, I will just enjoy your beautiful dresses! just beautiful!

isabel f.

I have learn how to do smocks just a week a go toooooo :DDD
and i`m just like you, when I decide to do something.....
must be NOW, RIGHT NOW!!! :D
have a great time with a weekend smocks :DDDD
hugs Isabel


One of my goals in life has been to learn to smock, but as I have three boys, this goal has been put way down the list. Maybe when they are all grown up and have children of their own I might get to do it, especially if I have grandaughters! Can't wait to see what you create.


The Nuns taught me smocking many years ago, although at the time, I was more interested in yelling out the window to the boys from the Boys' School down the road than learning the fine art.
I do wish I had listened more!


I have been teaching myself of late but pleating by hand it so slow

Smocking would work well with your Townmouse range as it is so classic


Yes , Townmouse and smocking is a perfect combination !!
I remember having divine smocked viyella dresses as a child from a shop called Bandbury Cross.


I love smocked dresses & shirt for little girls. They are so hard to find! A girlfriend loaned me some handmade baby dresses that were smocked & embroidered & I treasured them for the time they were 'mine'. My friend's mum is a whiz with smocking & embroidery & owned a beautiful fabric shop in Brisbane back in the mid-80's when Liberty was something Americans talked about and Grosgrain was something you did on the Darling Downs. I wish I hadn't given back the baby dresses so I could show you the exquisite work & the classic designs of the dresses I have never found elsewhere ... they are very Townmouse.


You'll LOVE smocking! I haven't smocked since my boys were little but I really love to do it. I hope you have a great time learning. I'm looking forward to being able to smock for grandchildren someday -- I hope my pleater will still work!


My girls all have several smocked dresses in their summer wardrobes. I love how they look in them, the smocking is gorgeous and those little peter pan collars get me every time. I look forward to learning it myself one day. I look forward to reading about how your lesson goes!


and for Jillian there is a lovely shop called The Smock Shop that used to be in Chatswood but is not only online. The clothes are gorgeous and the prices are very reasonable considering how much work goes into each dress.


In France we haven't pattern books ... :(
I love make smocks, it's my grand-mother who learn me ...

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