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Time on my hands

It struck me today, as I was browsing through craft books in a Tokyo bookstore, that the wonderful thing about being on holiday is the complete lack of time pressures.

Book2 My regular life is broken down into small grabs of time: an hour before the boys finish school, the short window between dinner and bedtime. So today was a wonderful luxury.  Will and I spent the day idly wandering around various parts of Tokyo, ducking down into subways to get from one place to the next.

Photos will follow tomorrow, once I get the technology sorted.  My suitcase got waylaid in Sydney and I won't receive it until tomorrow afternoon.  So I'm without a few essentials like clean clothes, hairbrush, phone charger, computer power.  On the bright side, Japan Airlines have compensated us for the inconvenience with 50 000 yen.  That has helped come to terms with the high prices since the Aussie dollar nosedived.  A quick stop at Muji and I equipped myself with a few pieces of clothing.  It's the only store where the prices seem cheap.

We may head into the countryside tomorrow night to stay in an onsen.  But then again, we may choose to sleep in and chill out here - after all, there's no pressure.



sounds like bliss (apart from the missing bag) Enjoy the rest of your trip.


As Belinda says above, apart from the missing bag, it sounds like a wonderful trip so far.


oh, aside from your missing luggage, i am so envious of your trip to tokyo. you'll have to tell us if you spot billet magazine (yes, i'm obsessed).

have lots and lots of fun spending your 50 000 yen.


kris. welcome back to japan! that extra money will help in the whole shopping department. and muji is definitely a good place to stock up. check uniqlo ... the prices are even better. and there is a bit of colour over there, too. enjoy your time over here!


My hubby's biggest tip on o/s travelling is ALWAYS take at least one full change of clothes, along with all chargers & whatever medicines you need, in your carry-on luggage. A lesson well learnt by him after Iberia Airlines misplaced his luggage somewhere between London & Madrid. Makes for a good excuse though to buy new stuff! :-)


what divine grey slippers.
the katakana sounds out ru-mu shu-zu, so I imagine "room shoes" might well be slippers !
The red check lining is just perfect.
Looking forward to lots more delicious images !!


ahhhhh you are so lucky! not so lucky on the suitcase front. I always get a few things in uniglo when I'm there..good for basics and nice sizes for my big bottom!

have lots of fun and I want all the details...especially about heading out of town and where you go!

ohhh the jealousy!

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