Let's try again
In the hive


This term I have continued with my botanic illustration classes.  You wouldn't know it though, based on the output.  Every Tuesday morning (when I make it to class) I spend a lovely 3 hours with some very talented artists.  The class is a mixture of beginners like me and women who have been taking classes for as many as 12 years.


I'm aiming for quality over quantity.  This little baby is all I've turned out this term.  It's not much to show for over 10 hours of class time, but unlike the rest of my life - rush, rush, rush - I'm enjoying this quiet and still interlude in my week.



Oh but what a beautiful little baby it is! It must be such a peaceful routine for you(when you get there!)My Grandfather is/was an artist and watercolour was his most loved medium.There is something very pure and gentle about it.Well done.x


it's beautiful, Kris. So glad you are able to take the time out and enjoy such a lovely hobby. It is on my 'bucket list'!


that is absolutely lovely.

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