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Today it rained buckets; so much in fact that it was the lead story on the news tonight.  The boys and I spent the whole day indoors, apart from a quick scooter ride around the block with 3 corgies.  We have a guest corgi - Biscuit - for the week.  Three boys, 3 dogs on leads, rain, puddles - yes there were casualties.

Smocked dress 

In between Uno tournaments I managed to finish my first smocked garment.  I'd been smocking panels here and there for weeks now, but hadn't made any of them up.  For a first attempt I went for a very traditional style dress, complete with bow at the back.

Smocked dress detail 

I spent the late hours on Friday evening trying to get the perfect gathered sleeve.  I prefer a capped, gathered sleeve, rather than one that comes down the arm and runs the risk of looking too, uhm, prim.  So there was much unpicking, trimming, restitching going on.  On about the fourth attempt I was satisfied and made sure I committed the measurement to pattern card before bed.

Will arrives home from overseas tomorrow morning, so we're off to the airport bright and early to pick him up.



So pretty! I am a big fan of simple and traditional. This reminds me of dresses I wore growing up.


This dress is so beautiful, love the fabric too.


Gorgeous Kristine, I love the tiney spot, not too fussy. A lucky little girl will be wearing that sweet dress.


just beautiful - very simple very 'little girl'!


just beautiful - very simple very 'little girl'!


wet and miserable here as well , The dress is stunning in its sweet simplicity


Its gorgeous. Well done. Perfect sleeves.

Marianne in Norway

I just recently discovered your blog, and really love the glimpses you give us readers of your life and work. And the beautiful clothes you make are so inspiring. Happy Christmas!

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