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There is one more week of school before the boys break up for summer.  Which means one more week in which to get as much work done as possible before Christmas.

ISBN 9784277430777 linen shoes

I'm feeling a little unmotivated after a week away.  I'd rather be trying my hand at a pair of these, than finalising and packing orders.

ISBN 9784277430777 espadrilles

But the orders take precedence, so the shoes and other crafty projects will have to wait until the summer holidays.

ISBN 9784277430777 ballet flats

Images are from this book; one of only three craft books I picked up in Tokyo.  Whereas previously these lovely craft books were the price of a magazine, the big shift in the exchange rate has made them as pricey as a book.  They are now a more considered purchase.



hate the exchange rate!

i have this book & love looking at it...


Only 3 is very restrained indeed but very understandable at the current price! I'm also wishing that I could get into some small relaxing projects instead of "What Needs To Be Done For Christmas" (aagh!!)


wow that is some restraint!!!!! just my own personal sewing for presents is still to be done and I see a few very late nights coming soon!

good luck and hope you get through it all


Welcome home Christine. Sound like a lovely trip.


Nothing like a dose of crappy Melbourne weather to bring you crashing back to reality!
Try Holiday Program for that extra week of xmas shopping grace.
Those shoes in the middle are a touch Burberry-esque. V cute!


Oh, wow. What a great book!

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