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Raspberry and ice blue

My favourite colour combination is raspberry and ice blue.  That's what I'm going with for my upcoming winter range.

Winter range

I had great plans to achieve a lot today.  But after staying up late to watch the Oscars, I am incredibly tired.  The most I can aim for is a sample top, ready for one of the unsuspecting boys to try on after school.  I am looking forward to having a female house model in the years to come.  Henri just looks odd in floral tops or sundresses - which is probably a good thing.


Jean C.

O.K. so I have to ask... what does your DH say about the boys modeling female clothes? And oh, have you taken any pic's to tease them with later on in life? B/4 I delivered our first child (a boy) a friend gave me a bunch of baby clothes her baby (boy) had out grown. One of the items happened to be a cute little dress that a friend had sent her before the baby was born. And before she knew whether it was a boy or girl.
Any way one day when quite small our son was playing with the dress as I tidied his closet, and he was trying to put it onto his head. I put it on him and he really looked cute. No, I didn't take any pic's... I figured just telling him about it when he grew up would be enough to tease him good. He is 30 now. Time fly's!


The raspberry and ice blue combination looks great - and I love the little rose print on the strip of fabric. This winter range is going to be really special!


Love these colours! Congrats on the girl news, I look forward to hearing what you name her. You've chosen such lovely names for the boys.


Just stumbled across your blog...love it. I live on the east coast in the USA (near Washington, D.C.)but enjoyed traveling to Australia a few years ago. I spent some time in Melbourne, Phillip Island and Sydney. I love your clothing...all four of my babies are no longer babies (21, 19, 14, 12) but I do have lots of nieces and nephews. I started my crafting journey as a quilter, then morphed into a knitter. You have inspired me to go ahead and finish all my quilting projects.


oh I woke up super tired after the oscars too...missed quilting group just to lie on the couch and watch it!

love the colour combo's and you are going to have the cutest little girly muse ever!!!!! can't wait to see what you'll be making!


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