So much to do, so little time
Raspberry and ice blue

When you're on to a good thing...

Stolls, wraps, scarves - I love them all.  I particularly love my pom-pom wrap that I bought this time last year.  I wore it every time I went out on winter evenings and I always felt warm and chic in it (although I amy not have looked it - chic that is).


So when I found myself in the same shop earlier this week and saw what they had to offer this winter, I couldn't resist.  More fashion with craft appeal.  This one features a macrame border.

And the best part is it looks fabulous draped over the back of one of our bargain armchairs (soon to be reupholstered in a chocolatey-grey Belgian linen) in the recently painted front sitting room.  So when it's not draped around me, you'll know where it can be found.


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