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The half-way point

I turned 40 earlier last month - with mixed feelings.  My 30s were such good years - marriage, children.  It's hard to top those experiences.


This is Mum's favourite photo from my childhood.  For many years it hung in the kitchen of our family home.  It now hangs in my parents' beach house at Flinders.  The one thing people always said when seeing this photo was, "Wow, you haven't changed at all."  In my teens and twenties this really annoyed me.  Now I wouldn't mind it so much.

Pantsuit Mum made all our clothes as children.  I recall rather liking my velour pantsuit at the time (keeping in mind this photo is circa 1973.)  And my brother's overalls would have been home made too.  Mum subscribed to the German pattern magazine by Burda and still has copies from that era floating around to this day.

My 95 year old grandmother drove herself to my house to enjoy a cup of tea with me on my 40th birthday (after doing her shopping at the busy Camberwell Junction Safeway supermarket).  So perhaps the halfway point of my life is still a few years away for me yet. 



Beautiful! WOW, your brother looks just like your sons, I had to look twice that it wasn't you and your (now) husband as children ha ha ha.

Your Grandmother is a darling, I hope that's me too. I know that Safeway, she is game :-)

Karen (Qld).

Jean C.

Your just a Spring Chick... congrats on making it to 40. It's really not so bad... I can say that since I've past the 50 mark now! Lol... it's amazing what your realize that you've learned looking back.
Now I get people saying... how much I look like my mom!

two little buttons

happy birthday
i love the photo os you and your brother.
i hope you had a happy day and enjoyed your celebrations


What a lovely photo - I agree I thought your brother was one of your kids! What a lovely story about your grandma - I have a special soft spot for my grandma too, I miss her - she passed away a few years ago at age 96.


kris. a belated happy b-day! i hope your day was special. and i love that your mom sewed your clothes. now we know where your crafty gene came from.


A very happy late birthday wish. Wow, how much do your boys look like your brother.

Enjoy being 40! Can't be that bad can it?


I hope it was a great day and that your 4 boys spoiled you. I too celebrate later in the year and despite almost feeling as if I SHOULD do something bigger, I don't think I will.

Best Wishes.


congratulations and wow on your grandma...I think you have some good genes there!!


Oh that photo is sooo familiar. I remember it in the kitchen at Ashbuton - I'd stand around in the kitchen chatting to Carrie and stare at that photo. That's taken me back a few years although I agree that you haven't changed much at all - James has though! 25 years of friendship... Happy Birthday my dear friend!


This year I realized that many of my favourite bloggers were born in February, like me.
And most of my close-living friends are also aquarians and pisces.
Hugs and happy birthday Kris!


Happy birthday Kristine! I hope your forties are as exciting and rewarding as your thirties - you have much to look forward to, not least the birth of your little girl. Congratulations and best wishes, Susan.


What an adorable picture! Happy Belated Birthday!!!

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