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I have collected new season's stock from my manufacturer - winter girl's tops.  These are my favourite Townmouse tops for winter to date. I love the fabrics and colours - let's hope my customers do too.

Winter stock

I'm tempted to keep so many of them for bub-to-be.  This is a new dilemma.  In the past I've kept one or two favourite girl's pieces from the entire 7 years of Townmouse for sentimental reasons.  Now that I will soon have someone to put them in, I'm tempted to squirrel away too many items from the range.

I'm busy building the website with new content, ready to switch over in a week or so.  So it's back to cropping photos, scanning fabric swatches and writing product descriptions.  It's a good thing I have all that Easter chocolate to sustain me because I'm rapidly losing momentum as my belly grows.



I always have this dilemma when I make something for another little girl....its so cute to keep! Before I even had children I'd buy things on sale at petit bateau and gap in france and london to give away to my 3 nieces...lets just say keira and the twins had a nice little stockpile of clothes I couldn't give away!!!!

not long to go!


Do you have the web space to ever be able to view past collections online? As a relatively 'new customer' to Townmouse, it would be nice to see it in retrospective. I say keep squirelling!!!


This is the beginning of the end! You will be addicted to all things girly, from socks to hair accessories, bags, jewellery, the list just goes on and on and never seems to stop, there are so many gorgeous, pretty, things to buy for little girls. Good luck trying to stop yourself.


Such time consuming, monotonous work isn't it? And for the non-detail minded like myself it is agony. I am so glad mine is done.

Tops are gorgeous!

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